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What is your warranty?
36 month 36,000 miles parts and labor
How often should I rotate my tires?
Your tires should be rotated every other oil change, or about every 6000 miles. By neglecting frequent tire rotations it will lead to premature tire wear.
When should I get my oil changed?
Our ASE Certified Technicians recommend you should get your oil changed every 3000 miles or as recommended in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.
Do you offer specials or coupons?
Visit our specials page to view ongoing promotions and coupons.
How can I learn more about car care repair and preventative maintenance?
Get started by reading our car care tips blog or by calling one of our expert mechanics today at (763) 441-2889.
Do you have towing service available?
Fast, reliable towing is available. Call us to send a tow truck - (763) 441-2889.
How Much Does it Cost to Replace Brakes?
Well, The Cost of brake replacement cost must be vary from shop to shop. it largely depends on the make and model of the vehicle. Most Auto Shop must varies about the Average brake replacement cost around $50 to $80 for all four sets of brake pads & rotors. it would be better if you ask your preferred brake specialist for an estimated brake replacement cost.
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How Long Does An Engine Rebuild Take?
Usually, Engine rebuild for your vehicle should take every several weeks or possibly 3-4 months, depending on the parts needed. It involves rotating the assembling balance, replacing damaged parts and checking the clearances & cylinders head. It helps to extend the life of your engine.
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How Long Does A Car Battery Last?
Under some vehicle condition, you can expect your car battery life to be about 6 years. Mostly Car Battery lasts between 2 to 5 years; it largely depends on the number of factors to replace the battery. If your car battery is dying, then you can ask your mechanic to get top brand car battery replacement that is appropriate for your vehicle.
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How To Choose A Car Battery Replacement?
Eventually, if you keep your car strong in the long run, your car battery will fail and need replacing. When you are forced to replace your car battery, or when you notice that it is starting to lose its charge, think about replacing it with a high-quality and top brand car battery. So, Here are some tips to consider on how to choose a car battery replacement for your vehicle.
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How Long Does Car Service Take?
As per Expert Mechanics, you can expect basic car service to be completed within about hour and a half and typically, full service is expected to be completed within 2 to 3 hours. Moreover, It largely depends on the type of problems and availability of parts of your vehicle.
What does car ac service include?
Your Vehicle’s A/C System is most significant any time of the year. Many drivers believe that the A/C is only for cooling air in the summer. Actually, it is more vital to use it during winter and rainy season. Most mechanics says that vehicle’s A/C system consists of 5 major parts, they are: compressor, condenser, evaporator, Orifice tube and Accumulator. You should ask your Preferred Elk River Mechanic to explain how AC System works and find out more about what does car ac service include
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What Does a Full Car Service Include?
Well, there are lots of things which are included in a full car service. It depends on each car and its specific requirements. The Full Car service includes brake service, oil changes, fluid flush and multipoint inspection. So, it is recommneded by expert mechanic that you should perform a full car service before heading out on your winter holiday trip so you’re not stranded on a cold night waiting for a tow truck.
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How to Buy New Tires For Your Car?
Most people don’t know when tires are worn out and when it’s time to buy new tires. A Good Selection of tire can add value to your safety, increased fuel economy, better handling, and safe ride. By visiting tire shop, an expert mechanic will help you to choose the best tire brands that are appropriate for your vehicle. Learn more about how to buy new tires for your car.
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What are the Signs of a Bad Radiator?
If you notice anything wrong in your radiator during cold and dark winter months, then you should know some warning signs of a bad radiator such as overheating, coolant leaks and smoking & more. Be sure to schedule your radiator service as early as possible if you notice any of them & avoid getting stuck on the road in the winter harsh roads.
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How To Know If Your Car Battery Is Bad?
If you are a driver and noticing any car problems, then you must know some warning signs that your car battery needs attention. They are slow engine crank, check engine light, battery leak and more.
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What are the Benefits of a Radiator Flush?
It is good if you do radiator flush periodically to inspect your cooling system which could get few benefits such as removing rust, lubricates water pump & more. Neglecting radiator service could cause damage to your engine & perform more poorly & cost you more money in long run.
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What Causes Excessive Tire Noise?
Excessive tire noise can be caused by different factors such as abnormal tire wear, tread separation and shifted belts, tire scuffing & more. Be sure to rotate your tires on a regular basis that help you to improve traction, and help your tires last longer and avoid excessive noise. 
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What are the facts about oil changes?
If you’re the driver and want to know the best way to keep your vehicle in good shape, then ensure you should know these amazing facts about oil changes such as the purpose of oil, right oil change interval, dash warning light & more. It is wise if you ask your mechanic about the correct oil change interval and which oil to use for the vehicle.
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